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WhatsApp Business APK Available for Download; Migration and Other Features Detailed


WhatsApp Business, a new app from the Facebook-owned company designed to help businesses communicate with their customers, is in the news again. More details of the app have surfaced online, giving us a first look at the features WhatsApp is aiming to provide businesses as it looks to start generating revenue. The APK for WhatsApp Business has also been made available for download by a third-party website and, separately, a Google Play link for the app has been spotted as well.
WhatsApp Business will allow businesses to have access to analytics, giving them a comprehensive look at how often their customers interact with them and how popular are their texts. Businesses will also be able to easily manage their business account and personal account, reports AndroidPolice, which cites documents provided by a user who signed up for WhatsApp Business account.
The report also shares the Google Play link for WhatsApp Business, but notes users will only be able to see the listing if they are part of the private beta programme, for which access is granted if users answer a survey and are accepted. The app’s APK is also available to download, but once again, users need to be part of the private beta first.
The Facebook-owned service is giving businesses the option to easily migrate their business number to WhatsApp Business. Users, according to the document, get three options: they can install the WhatsApp Business app on the same phone as their personal WhatsApp account but have a different number tied to the business account.

Here’s how to manage personal and business account on WhatsApp:
In explaining how the WhatsApp for Business actually works, the messaging platform illustrates certain instances to make it easy for the users to choose the best option that works the best for them.
–If a user wants only a business account on WhatsApp: All that the user needs to do is, first register for the WhatsApp for Business app, and then transfer all their business contacts to WhatsApp Business. This option is most sensible if the user doesn’t wish to user WhatsApp for personal conversation and wants it for business purpose.
But, what if a user wants to use WhatsApp for both business and personally? Such users, as WhatsApp explains, need to register or use a different phone number for WhatsApp Business. This means that, the user need to download both – WhatsApp Business and the official WhatsApp application on one phone – but both the accounts can’t be registered with the same number.
–If a user wishes to use separate phones for business and personal purpose, it is an easy and simple process. This is the best option if the user wishes to keep their personal and business conversation completely separate. The process is simple, download WhatsApp Business in one phone, and the official WhatsApp app on the other.

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