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New limitations on gold transactions!

The transactions of gold purchases will be more transparent and the central government will initiate measures to identify each official. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has canceled elder states to prevent black money. Also, gold has imposed limits on transactions. The government has taken any action, but there are still irregularities in gold transactions. The new Revenue Secretary, Hasmukh Athiyya, said the new way to find out that every transaction authority would be able to check the black money that is being transformed into gold.
Recently, the government brought down gemm and jury dealers under the MoneyLanking Act (PMLA). Speaking on the occasion, Athiya said that the orders made on August 23 were creating confusion and brought a negative view. No limits on transactions. “For the first time in the country we brought the juelers under PMLA. But there is no clarity on what reports they should present. We will soon reveal details of this. ‘ “He said.

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