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Why Mersal was not released in Telugu


Mersal, Vijay starrer has become the most controversial film this year. The movie with two dialogues about GST and healthcare industry situation has been termed as anti-BJP and anti-Modi. The religious mark on actor Vijay’s beliefs and his political ambitions has also fuelled, the controversy further and further.

As the things seem to cool down, the problem with censor seems to have not vanished yet. The producers of the film wanted to release the film in Telugu as Adhirindi. But the makers failed to acquire a censor certificate and they decided to push the release from 20th of October to a week, 27th October. But the censor did not issue certificate even after the date as passed.

Now, the update regarding this is that producer have decided to return the money of the distributors and sell the movie remake rights. Apparently, Geetha Arts, a big production house in Telugu, headed by Allu Arvind, bought the rights it seems. By the way, Mersal is continuing its blockbuster run in Tamil Nadu despite heavy North East Monsoon trains.

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