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Costliest Promotions For 2.0


Shankar’s upcoming film is surely going to be a visual wonder and a grand movie on the screen. The film is certainly going to be one of the highly technical movies in the recent times. The film is the official sequel for Robo and the movie is being made with a high budget involving huge casting. The makers are planning to organise the audio release function on 27th of this month at Dubai.

The producers are leaving no stone unturned to make the event a grand hit. They are investing almost 12 crore rupees for the event and they will also be spending lavishly for all sort of promotional events. The music director of the film, AR Rahman will be performing live at the event and it is said to be a major highlight in the film. The makers will hold an event in Hyderabad in November where they will release the film’s teaser and they will release the trailer in a grand event which will happen in December in Chennai.

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