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Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani out of the show in mid-week eviction

Bigg Boss 11Akash Dadlani out of the show in mid-week eviction

In the ongoing Bigg Boss 11, rapper Akash Dadlani got noticed for more reasons than one. He was seen rapping, running around the house cracking jokes and picking fights with almost everyone inside the house? And the inmates often called him ‘mad’ and wanted him to leave the house. Just four days before the finale [January 14], Akash was shown the door yesterday in a surprise midweek eviction.

Like everyone wondered, ask him why did he do all the weird things inside the house, and Akash says, “I was doing everything for the show, trust me. In real life, I am totally different from what I was inside the [Bigg Boss] house. I am from America and I scored 90 per cent in Psychology [in college], so obviously, I knew how to generate reaction and stay in spotlight. Also, I wanted to make sure that I could give content to Bigg Boss. It’s the best show ever and I wanted to make sure that it keeps on getting good TRPs.”

But what about the other housemates calling him mad? “Well, along with doing what is right, I admit that I also made mistakes. And that might be the reason behind it [calling me mad]. But they all loved me, too. Being an emotional guy, I did not want to hurt anyone and enjoyed being with everyone.”

Talking about his finale week fights with co-contestant Shilpa Shinde, Akash adds, “The first 10 weeks were good. We [Shilpa and I] shared a mother-son relationship, and used to hug, kiss and joke all the time. But, somewhere down the line, she became uncomfortable, however, things are fine now. I am really close to her and Puneesh [Sharma].”

What also got many talking is his relationship with Arshi Khan, another evicted contestant, as the two were often seen holding hands and sharing the same bed inside the house. “She is a hot girl and rappers always get hot girls. (laughs). I enjoyed being with her and we supported each other throughout. But there is nothing more than friendship. We were the dynamic duo in Bigg Boss,” clarifies Akash, adding that he wants one among Puneesh or Vikas [Gupta; channel head, producer and contestant] or Hina [Khan; actor and contestant] to win the show.

“Puneesh is my buddy and he deserves it. Vikas and Hina played their games well. But Vikas was very good at manipulating and make sure people around him do what he wanted,” quips Akash.

Thankful to Bigg Boss for making him popular, Akash now plans to now concentrate on his single with singer Pawni Pandey. “I am excited about the song; it has come out really well. Pawni [who sung Laila Main Laila in Raees] is a gem to work with. I have just rapped in the song and we will soon shoot a video. Hopefully, we will release it soon,” he shares.

And what about working with his relative, composer-singer Vishal Dadlani? Not to forget that the latter first denied knowing him and then said he is a distant relative. And Akash’s mother clarified it saying that Vishal is family and she even has photos of him attending her marriage. “My mother has already told everything clearly. I just want to add that I want to become a big man on my own and show it to the world. I will become the best rapper in India and also work in Hollywood and make my country proud like Priyanka Chopra. Rapping for Salman Khan [actor; host of Bigg Boss 11] is a dream that both my mother and I cherish. Hope that will happen if Salman wants it,” he concludes.


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