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Anirudh makes an interesting Tollywood debut Music


The album of Pawan Kalyan-Trivikram’s Agnyaathavaasi was launched on Tuesday at a grand event. The album marks the debut for the young Anirudh Ravichander in Telugu and he makes quite an impressive debut. The carnatic and classical influences in the album are quite enjoyable — whether it is the opening track “Dhaga Dhaga Maney” or the delightful “Swagatham Krishna”. A Pawan Kalyan album is the last place you would expect an Oothukaadu Sri Venkata Subba Iyer composition, but as we saw in the trailer, it works.

Sung well by Niranjana Ramanan, the simple, charming song is my top pick in this album that continues to interest the listener. Add to these, there are the hits “Baitikochi” and “Gaali Vaaluga”, already favourites for Pawan Kalyan fans. That leaves us with “AB Yevaro Nee Baby” which is the song that didn’t work as much as the rest; only for the reason as it is a trademark Anirudh song.

The venue was flooded with Pawan Kalyan fans allegedly leading to massive chaos as fans struggled to get a glimpse of their favourite star. Talking at the event, Pawan Kalyan apologised for not being able to accommodate all of them. “I know a lot of you are standing outside and are hoping to get in. I would like to apologise to each and every one of you. Due to space constraint, we could only accommodate certain number of people. To all my fans, please know that you have a bigger place in my heart,” he said. Pawan further went on to say that he would have stopped with just 15 films if not for the love he gets from his fans. Notably, Agnyaathavaasi is Pawan Kalyan’s 25th film. The actor who also recently entered politics said that it was only to serve his nation.

Talking about Anirudh’s music, Pawan Kalyan said, “I’ve danced to his hit number Kolaveri when I’m alone. After Michael Jackson, I look up to Anirudh’s music.”

If grapevine buzz is to be believed there is a special song in the album that will be voiced by Pawan Kalyan himself.

Watch Agnyaathavaasi songs here:

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